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suomen radonhallinta values

Our guidelines in business inside of our company as well as with our customers and other stakeholders are:


Our premise is entrepreneurial action and securing social development. We take care of those who need help and we strive to be an accessible and reliable partner. We increase our competitiveness by networking with industry professionals. We do what we promise and full fill obligations imposed on us.

Customer promise

Suomen radonhallinta Oy maintains its competitiveness by enhancing improving our processes continually. We operate flexible according to customer requirements and offer them the best options in radon measuring. We think that customer experience should always be positive and of high quality.


We want to be the best professionals in business now and in the future. We educate ourselves and develop our services to meet the demand of our customers. We strive to actively disseminate the latest information on radon measuring, knowledge and know-how to all who needs it.

Respect and esteem

We treat our colleagues, partners and customers with respect.
Our respect for customers is best expressed by doing our job with right attitude and customer-friendly.


We take care of people around us and our habitat. We like to do our job at once so that there is no need to do it immediately again. We do on regular basis charity and are contributing to things that are important to us.


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