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1.Computer based radon measurement in real-time

mittausmenetelmatSuomen radonhallinta Oy and our partners use the latest measurement methods in radon level measuring. We use among other methods computer based radon measuring method. The real-time measuring is used after radon repairs to set suction and other affecting variables to secure levels.





2. Measuring the work hour radon concentration.

If a 2 months radon measuring with the radoncan exceeds the action level (400 Bq / m3), a real-time work hour measuring can be done with a continues measuring device.
alphaguard The measuring of real work hour radon concentration should be based on a minimum of seven (7) days of constant measurement. Depending of the extent, the average cost of  this method is 865 € (VAT 0%). With this measurment real work hour  radon exposures are calculated. The measurement also provides information about the operation of the ventilation system. Up to 80% of costly renovations can be avoided thanks to work hour measurements.





3. Rapid measuring in 48 hours

radonmittausmenetelmat pikamittausRapid measuring is optimal for private households. It tells the concentration of radon gas indoors, and if there is need to do more exact measurements or corrections of house.
Rapid measuring monitors give the level of radon gas in Bq/m3 in 48 hours. Customer gets measurement report of the results.
This measurement is not competent.
Not suitable for companies, schools, kinder gardens or other public societies measurements. 



 4. Short term measuring, 10 days

radonmittausmenetelmat alfajalkiShort term measuring is based on alpha trace detectors. It is meant for radon repairing and showing the influence of repairing.

After radon repairing it is recommended to do official measuring with integrating alpha trace detectors.

This measurement is not competent.




5. Radon measuring with long term alpha trace detector

radonmittausmenetelmat alfajalki pitkaaikaThe only measuring procedure that is fully accepted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK).


 Link to the approval decision of STUK (Decision 1/340/09) (in Finnish).

Landauer Nordic measuring procedure is approved by radiation decree (1521/1991) 12§ to be used in measuring the exposing to the radon gas of employees and decision of MINISTRY OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS AND HEALTH (944/1992) 3§ to define apartment´s annual average of radon concentration.

Final report to customer in thirty (30) days.

Results will be archived in web hosting for ten (10) years. You can see your results with your account information.

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6. Building material measuring procedure 10 days and 2 months

radonmittausmenetelmat rakmateriaaliAll building material that includes stone radiate to our environment radioactive radon. Typically radon emission is nearly nonexistent when talking about radon concentration indoors. Buildings that have roof, walls and floors made of concrete the level of radon concentration is between 60-80 Bq/m3.

If building material is made of stone which has uranium there is a danger of radioactive problems with indoors air and increased risk of cancer.

This procedure is convenient for objects that has a doubt of not successful radon repairing or there is a doubt of radon brunt.

Building material measurement devices are always delivered in airtight packs of four (4).


 7. Radon analysis for water

radonmittausmenetelmat vesianalyysiDrilled wells are the main reason for exposure of radon indoors. Radioactive radon is released into air when water is used. Radon that appears in water increases radon concentration in indoors air.

Radioactive particles contaminate air and drift to lungs during shower and other use of water. Drinking water that has increased levels of radon causes radiation exposure to stomach and increased risk of cancer.

Radon is possible to remove from water by using activated carbon filters or aerating.


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