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Under the EU regulations, member states have a duty to prevent against the health risk caused by radiation from radon gas. RADON SAFETY DAY is organized across Europe on November 7 (European radon day).

tampereen yliopistoA comparative study of radon measurement methods has been completed at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The study made observations between different radon measurement methods. Calibrated rapid measuring equipment by Suomen radonhallinta Oy were utilized. Study observations were made in five different measurements. Each observation point was measured with several different radon methods in the winter season.

The research achieved the highest possible rating (5) and can be considered extremely good thanks to best possible radon measurement.

Download the research in finnish


We thank our partners for the 2013-2014 measurement period and we wish you all a very happy spring.

Within the measurement period we performed measurements of radon exposure in hundreds of destinations with more than a million square meters. We serve our customers by fighting the radon, consulting radon problems and providing lectures for the upcoming measurement period.

The next measurement period required by law begins first of November 2014.

We welcome all excisting and new customers. Our customer service will serve all year.


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