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The leader of radon professional services in Finland

Suomen radonhallinta Oy  provides public administrations, businesses, municipalities and consumers with radon information and solutions. With our help it is possible to make resource and  cost effective radon safety related decisions. With our expertice we ensure the industry's latest know-how and best methods.


Experts at your service 

Our staff are professionals in the field and they are trained and have acquired the latest information skills as well as solutions for radon problems. Our experience is based on operating years in the fields of geology, construction and radiation. Our services include action plans, advisory help, expert lectures, radon protection counseling and control services throughout the country. We provide radon repairs through selected partners.

yritysesittely2Our services to the public are:

  • effortless
  • open and clear pricing
  • independent and nonaligned service
  • customer friendly, adjustable methods
  • documentation in Finnish and Swedish
  • accepted by law
  • free from travelling expenses, allowances or any hidden expenses
  • report is valid archived for 10 years

Radon measurements and reports

Radon exposure measurements that are approved by authorities and performed and documented by Suomen radonhallinta Oy  provide security against radon and assures the starting position for necesary radon protective actions. The legal radon surveys are always delivered by the radiation Act (592/1991) § 45 and 12.1 in accordance with the ST.

Action plans for fighting radon

Action plans written by our experts ensure the success of radon prevention. Global understanding, experience and numerous references ensures cost-effective measures in radon prevention. Our business plans do not lean on suppliers' interests.



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